GasKnight PRO Natural Gas Leak Detector & Propane Detector Battery Operated Combustible Gas Detector | Portable Natural Gas Detector | Propane Leak Detector & LP Gas Detector & Explosive Gas Detector


✅PROTECT YOUR FAMILY TO THE MAX! – The NEWLY RELEASED GasKnight Pro natural gas leak detector seeks out MANY explosive gases: 1. Natural gas (Methane, butane, ethane, LNG, etc) 2. Propane (LPG or liquefied petroleum gas) 3. And many more!.✅DETECT THE SMALLEST LEAKS - The PORTABLE GasKnight Pro is EXTREMELY SENSITIVE with an adjustable sensitivity dial and an EXTRA-LONG 15.5 inch hose allowing you to stick it in the exact ideal location to sniff out even the smallest of gas leaks.✅YOU ARE NOT ALONE - GasKnight is an American company and your purchase comes with an instructions manual, step-by-step instructional video(s), and a free E-Book on gas safety. But, just in case you need help, we’re only an email or phone call away.✅SAVE MONEY! – BATTERIES INCLUDED! This portable propane detector COMES WITH 4 AA BATTERIES allowing you to experience LONG LASTING, HIGH QUALITY gas detection without breaking the bank..✅HAPPINESS GUARANTEED - In plain English, if you don't like your GasKnight Pro gas sniffer, we will give you your money back. FREE 2 YEAR WARRANTY AVAILABLE. ORDER YOURS TODAY!



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