Coyote Enterprises Official Tire Deflators, Air Down Tyres Programmable Automatic Deflators with Pressure Range from 8 to 65 PSI Vortex V2 Venting Speed Technology, CEDV2 - Made in The USA, Bronze


EASY: Coyote Automatic Tire Deflators are the easiest way to automatically and reliably deflate your tires to a precise pressure for any off highway terrain. They take all of the work out of accurately airing down. No tool required. Plug and Play.ADJUSTABLE: Coyote deflators are adjustable from 8 to 65 psi. Just as you first feel soft resistance, give the diamond knurl a half-turn more to fully engage the O-ring. This ensures leakless pressure seal. DESTINATION PRESSURE is the trail pressure you have personally presetted to automatically shut OFF at..FAST: With the new Vortex V2 Venting Speed Technology you will air down your tires in no time, like a cyclone, literally sucking the air out of the tire. Simply screw them onto the tire valve stem, it immediately starts deflating to your preset destination pressure and then automatically shut OFF at exactly that pressure. Pull the Manual Start Ring and move on to the next wheel, by the time you hit the fourth stem, number one will be ready for removal..AUTOMATIC: No tools required, Coyote Automatic Tire Deflators are the easiest way to automatically and reliably Air Down your tires to a precise pressure and shut OFF. As an automatic system, converts it in a very reliable, easy & quick to use system..ACCURATE: Coyote deflators force air to flow through the deflator in the most accurate way possible. With the O-ring technology makes setting the destination pressure a breeze and extremely accurate. It will shut off at the same exact destination pressure over and over again