10pcs Stainless Steel Wire Threading Inserts M8 x 1.25 x 3D Helical Screw Thread Inserts Thread Repair Sleeve Kit


Wear-resistant material: The threaded inserts are made of stainless steel and various low-strength materials, which can improve the wear resistance of the bolted connection. The hardness of the steel wire screw is higher than that of the screw, so the wear and tear of the connection with the screw is small, and it can be used repeatedly..Locking type wire thread sleeve: Wire thread sleeve is a new type of fastening technology, which can effectively improve the connection conditions, strengthen the connection strength, improve the connection conditions, avoid the phenomenon of sliding wire and wrong teeth, and obtain excellent connection performance..Connection performance: Due to its elasticity, steel wire screws can make the load on the thread more uniform, eliminate the thread and screw hole deviation between the pitch and tooth profile, and absorb vibration, thereby increasing the connection strength and fatigue strength of the thread..Easy to maintain: The damaged screw hole should be put into the wire screw sleeve, which can be used again to avoid the possibility of damaging the workpiece. For places where strong connections can be made without increasing the diameter of the screw holes..Application: Widely used in aviation, automobile, electronic communication, mold, mechanical equipment and other fields, used for frequent disassembly, which can greatly improve the life of the thread.



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