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"Celery Microgreens. Apium graveolens. 21-28 days. Microgreens. Non-GMO. Celery microgreens are a fast, fun way to get the savory and crisp flavor of celery in only a few days rather than several months. Similar to chives and cilantro microgreens, celery microgreens are always great for fresh culinary use, boasting brighter and more concentrated flavors than full grown herbs and vegetables. Microgreens are the simple 7-21 day old seedlings that, when sprouted, have been proven to contain anywhere from 10-50x more vitamins and nutrients than their mature counterpart. Celery microgreens boast essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc as well as Vitamins A (beta-carotene), B Complex, E, and K. To grow celery microgreens seed, fill any 10x10 or 20x10 tray with about an inch of coconut coir or organic soil-based medium and evenly seed one layer of celery seeds and lightly cover with no more than .25 inch of soil. Keep seeds covered in darkness for about 7-14 days to allow celery seeds to fully germinate. Once celery seeds begin to emerge, place the tray in full sun to allow microgreens to develop essential chlorophyll for flavor. If choosing to grow celery microgreens seeds, be sure to only ever purchase specifically microgreens seeds or organic seeds because vegetable seeds intended for outdoor sowing can sometimes be chemically treated to help them withstand a possibly difficult spring. 70,000 seeds per ounce."


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