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Cavemans Club Gourd Seeds. AKA: Maranka Gourds. 120 days. Annual. Heirloom. Non GMO. are dark green and have a rounded base with a long curved neck that gets thin halfway up to the stem and then grows straight up to the stem. Gourds grow to be 10-16 inches long and weigh 7-14 lbs. They have a shiny hard exterior. Sow seeds outdoors in the spring in full sun. After 120-130 days or when the stems have browned, the gourds are ready for harvest. They can be eaten like a vegetable when they are harvested at 8 inches long. They can also be dried, which can be a long process that takes 2-6 weeks. Gourds are a vining plant and best if planted every 24-36 inch apart with the help of a trellis. Cavemans Club Gourds perform best when grown on 8-10 inch tall mounds to best accommodate long, trailing vines. For straight necks, trellis and allow gourds to hang straight. About 156 seeds per ounce.


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