"Endive - Salad King - .25 Oz ~6,375 Seeds - Garden Vegetable - Non-GMO, Heirloom - Buy Non-GMO Cichorium endivia Farm & Gardenin"
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"Salad King endive is bolt and frost resistant. Its taste can actually be improved when it goes through a frost. Heads are 22-24” wide and 12” tall with tightly curled dark green leaves with white ribs. Plant seeds �” deep in full sunlight with rows 12” apart and plants 18” apart. Leaves are less bitter when blanched. After 50-100 days, leaves are ready for harvest. They taste best when harvested in the fall. Harvest when they reach their full height, leaving 1” of the plant so that it can grow back. Leaves are most popularly used in salads, but are also excellent cooked and used in dishes."


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