"Micro Mat - Hydroponic Grow Pad - Punnet Size - 25 Pack - 2x3\" - Microgreens - Growing Micro Greens, Microgreens, Wheatgrass, W"
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"These hydroponic grow pads measure approximately 2\" by 3\" and are designed to fit perfectly with 2x3\" Micro Punnet Microgreens Single Serving Grow Trays. Designed to work together so you can grow small quantities of microgreens directly in deliverable trays. Micro Mat hydroponic grow medium is compostable and has a very high water holding capacity. Use for commercial grower applications as well as home and hobbyist growing. Micro-Mats are an excellent alternative to soil when growing microgreens, grasses, and micro herbs. They make an affordable, and clean hydroponic grow medium for microgreens. These mats are perfect for those looking for eco-friendly hydroponic mats, that can handle growing everything from the thickest wheatgrass, to the most delicate microgreens."


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