BY-J 12" 4K Mirror Dash Cam Front and Rear, Enhanced Night Vision, Full Touch Screen, Waterproof Backup Camera Rear View Mirror Camera, Parking Assistance, Loop Recording Streaming Media, USB Type C


[4K Dual Cams with Wide FOV] Dual cams provide with Ultra HD video resolution up to 3840 x 2160P (4K). Offer you much clearer footage capturing license plates from a distance. 170° adjustable front lens and 160° rear lens cover total 330° field of view to reduce blind area and capture more scenes on the road..[12'' Streaming Media Full Touch Screen] 12 inch screen provides 3 times wider view than traditional rear view and can capture more road vision. Streaming media full touch screen, easier to operate, fast response speed. Execute dash camera with a simple touch various operations. Ready for a safe and enjoyable driving experience..[Superior Starlight Night Vision] Upgraded Backup Camera equipped with superior sensor, this mirror camera captures sharp videos with enhanced details at extreme low light conditions. Make it a trustworthy guardian for your car all day and night..[Rear View Camera with Parking Assistance] Backup camera shows rear view of the car by displaying high-resolution video streaming in the rear-view mirror. When reversing car, the mirror dash cam auto display backup camera image in full screen, the screen image will display park assist lines, you can adjust the display range to reach the best field of view for safe and easy parking..[Parking Monitor and More Functions] Even in parking mode, when G-sensor detects a sudden collision, the cam will automatically record and lock video. Loop recording allows continuous recording even if the memory card reaches full capacity. At the same time, this rear mirror camera also has license plate time and date watermarks, which can be Your recorded video provides strong evidence.



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