Interactive Whiteboard System Smart Teaching Whiteboard with Infrared Pen Only Support Windows System Computer and Long Focus Projector for Home Office, Classrooms, Meeting and Presentation


❋ Working principle: The working principle of the interactive smart whiteboard is to connect the computer, the sensor and the data cable, the projector, and the interactive pen successfully. After inserting the U disk, copy the software installation package to the computer desktop and decompress the installation software. After successful installation, you can project it on any plane. It can draw or annotate teaching materials directly on the projection surface..❋ 360 degree no dead angle: This portable whiteboard can flexibly adjust the angle of 360 degrees (no dead angle), which solves the problems of inconvenient, time-consuming and labor-consuming positioning of the original short-distance portable IWB, and provides you with a more comfortable experience..❋ Lightweight and portable: The interactive whiteboard is suitable for all types of projectors. After downloading and installing the required software, connect the sensor to the computer to quickly calibrate. It is lightweight and can be carried at any time. It only takes a few minutes to complete the setup and discuss or demonstrate in the new environment. The infrared pen can be used as a computer cursor or drawing/writing tool..❋ Scope of application: The sensor of the smart portable whiteboard is suitable for all surfaces. It can turn walls, projection screens, and any screen into an interactive whiteboard that can write notes, and can be projected onto any surface in a dynamic multimedia manner for teaching, conferences, presentations, etc. , Can truly turn any corner of the classroom into an interactive teaching space..❋ Compatibility: The interactive whiteboard is compatible with many software applications, does not require Wi-Fi, and uses the accompanying interactive pen stroke annotation and control of the mouse cursor. Supports large screens up to 150". Note: SP02 requires a computer and telephoto projector (not included). If you have any questions, please contact us at first and we will try our best to solve your problems..Note: Interactive whiteboards are used with long focus projectors and Windows computers. (Not include projector).The device software is stored in the U disk in the package, please exit the anti-virus software when installing..Any quesiton about this products, please freely message me. Your opinion is our standard for product improvement.



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