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This Top Fin Modern Betta Aquarium features patent-pending bettaflo filtration designed with a gentle, low-volume flow to keep your tank clean without disturbing your betta. With bettaflo, you will experience simple aquarium maintenance, while your betta feels the comfort of calm, clear water. Features: Bettaflo filtration Includes: 2 gallon glass tank with hood 1-color LED 1 integrated filtration system 1 filter cartridge Intended For: Betta Fish Size: 8.2 in L x 8.2 in W x 9.2 in H (20.8 x 20.8 x 23.3 cm) Product Weight: 2 Gallons (7.5 L) Instruction Manual: Please click here to access instruction manual. DIRECTIONS Instructions: Set Up 1. Place aquarium on a stable, sturdy surface away from heat, cold, and direct sunlight.2. Use an aquarium heater, if needed, to maintain stable water temperaures. CREATE: Gravel: Choose your favorite color. Water Care: Condition water during set-up and each water change. Water testing, water conditioner, and bacteria starter are keys to success. Let water sit for 24 hours before introducing fish. Decor: Complement your personal style and provide shelter for your fish. Enjoy 1. This tank is appropriate for one betta only. 2. Feed your fish with the appropriate type and amount of food. Top Fin Modern Betta Aquarium Tank - 2 Gallon | PetSmart



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