Bill Clinton: Hope, Charisma & Controversy
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The first president to be born after WWII, he represented the strength and energy of a new generation. Although his term was marred by personal scandal and controversy, Bill Clinton managed to salvage his reputation and his career. Biography presents an intimate portrait of the charismatic leader, drawing on extensive interviews with friends and family-including his mother and biographer-and archival photographs and clips. Learn about his childhood in Hope, Arkansas, and trace his political career, from an influential handshake with JFK to the presidency. Follow Clinton through his Oxford days, Vietnam War protests, and his relationship with Hillary Rodham. Personal problems plagued Clinton throughout his career, but he managed to battle through, showing strength, dignity, and determination. "Bill Clinton: Hope, Charisma & Controversy" offers an inside-look at one of the most ambitious and resilient men in politics. Interactive Menus, Scene Selection.



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