Bueuo Sunglasses Holders for Car Visor, Magnetic Leather Sunglasses Holder and Ticket Card Clip for Car,Car Visor Accessories Adjustable Tightness Suitable for Different Size Eyeglasses Visor(Gray)


Durable and Easy to Install: The sunglass holder for car visor is made of high-quality leather material, ensuring durability. It can be easily installed and removed without causing any damage to your glasses or leaving dents on the car visor. The holder can be placed on the front or side of the visor, depending on your preference..Convenient One-Handed Operation: The sunglasses holder features a magnetic closure, allowing for easy opening and closing with just one hand. The strong magnetic adsorption ensures that your sunglasses remain secure and protected, even when driving on rough or bumpy roads. You can effortlessly pick up or place your eyeglasses whenever needed..Keep Your Car Organized: With its scientific and humanized design, the eyeglasses clip can hold various sizes of sunglasses, non-magnetic cards, tickets, and cash. This helps to keep the interior of your car tidy and organized, preventing small objects from cluttering up your space and creating a more streamlined environment..Elegant and Thoughtful Gift: The sunglasses holder clips come in a set of two, featuring a stylish and elegant design that adds a touch of sophistication to your car's interior. They are packaged in a fine box, making them an excellent gift choice for your loved ones, family, and friends who appreciate practical and well-designed accessories..Wide Compatibility and Customer Satisfaction: The sunglasses holder is suitable for all types of glasses, including sunglasses, sports glasses, and nearsighted glasses. Its compact design ensures it doesn't obstruct the driver's vision. In the rare event that the product doesn't fit your glasses or car visor, the company offers a hassle-free refund policy, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.



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