XODO E4 1080p HD Indoor WiFi Security Camera with Two-Way Talk, App Control, Motion Detection, Night Vision White (2 Pack) - 2LB (2LB - White)
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XODO E4 1080p HD Indoor WiFi Security Camera with Two-Way Talk, App Control, Motion Detection, Night Vision White (2 Pack) - 2LB (2LB - White). The XODO E4 is a wireless security camera that can record in 1080p high definition with the ability to see in the dark and up to 25 feet. We are including at no cost to you a second camera with your purchase so you get a 2 in 1 E4 packaged deal, the E4's compact size allows you to set these security cameras anywhere and in any area, and once it is set up you can manually adjust it to cover any angle that you want for your home, with motion control/video playback your E4 will automatically record video for playback, as well as abnormal sound detection which is the best feature to have should you have a little one crying or even a break-in. the 1080P HD camera can see everything at 110 degrees and also comes with a two-way audio system that allows you to communicate wherever your camera is set up all from your XODO app. FEATURES: SECURITY JUST GOT SMARTER: The E4 covers a 108 Degree angle all in 1080p resolution and with night vision can see up to 25 feet at night should you set it up in your children's room, if they should ever wake up at night your E4 will pick up on their movement and audio and notify you right away to show you what is going on no matter what time it is. REAL-TIME ALERTS FOR SAFETY: You can set up your E4 in any area that you would like, add extra security to your home and protect your family and see the bad guys coming before they least expect it. Any type of Alert your E4 detects gets sent to your smartphone and whoever else is on your file share as well, so not only will you get the alert but so will everybody in the your household. INFRARED NIGHT VISION: The E4 is great for a baby monitor allowing parents to check on their baby at night all from their phone and should your child make any noise or have a bad nights sleep you will be able to see and hear what is going on. VIDEO PLAYBACK: Should any motion be detected your E4 will automatically start recording so you can review your footage later on if an issue arises. COMPLETE FULL AWARENESS: XODO allows file sharing giving access to your whole family should a notification come up at any moments notice, not only will you the account owner be notified but the whole family will get the alert.



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