XODO PK3 Easy Install Home Security Surveillance Kit App Controlled Smart Bulb Smart Home Plug 1080p HD Camera Set Schedule
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XODO PK3 Easy Install Home Security Surveillance Kit App Controlled Smart Bulb Smart Home Plug 1080p HD Camera Set Schedule. XODO put together this smart home package to have things you do around the house become a little bit easier. The PK3 package XODO gives you 2 Smart Wall Plugs to make turning on/off certain appliances around your home a lot easier if you should leave something turned on and you aren't around you can remotely turn on any appliance plugged into any of your WP1's, such as a lamp, coffee maker giving you the ability to turn on and brew some coffee while you get ready for work or want to lay in bed a few extra minutes. Xodo also gives you 1 LB3 Bulb giving you the ability to set the perfect scene in any spare bedroom and any special occasion. Last but not least Xodo gifts you with the E4, the 1080p High Def Camera that provides you with clear and crisp video wherever you choose to set-up the E4. You can keep an eagles eye on any room in your household such as the baby's room, back yard, or the front room. All of these products by XODO are smart home Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant compatible, so you don't have to second guess about connectivity issues. Specifications E4 HI-DEF SMART HOME CAMERA The E4 1080p Smart Home Camera Resolution provides you clear and crisp video should you ever need it. The E4 can be used for different situations such as monitoring the front room or to check up on the kids and young ones. SMART BULB - Set the vibe with customized scenes for your home and occasions, with 16 million color combos you can be sure that you will create the best scenery with your energy saving LB3 Smart Bulb. This is a great option to have when you want to decorate for any Special occasion or turn on the light remotely should you feel the need too. SMART WALL PLUG - Ever forget to turn the light off when you leave the house? Ever wish your coffee maker stared on its own? Well now you can with your WP1 all from the Xodo app giving you the ability to Activate and Deactivate the WP1's at will anytime and no matter where you are. XODO GIVES YOU CONTROL - You can control any Xodo Devices in the Xodo app and set up with an easy install in order to have all of the XODO devices on your home screen when you enter the app. The XODO app gives you complete control and shows your which devices are activated and which ones are not. SET SCHEDULES AND TIMES - Want to activate any of your smart home devies at a certain time before you get home? You can also set a schedule for your lamp to turn off in your room should you fall asleep or begin to feel tired so you dont have to worry about it being on the rest of the night, you can have it shut off for you at any time you set it too. For state-specific electronic recycling and disposal information, please click here.



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