CANALHOUT Handicap Driving Hand Controls,Car Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers,Car Pedal Assist Controls,Left or Right Hand Both Available,Length Adjustable,Double Insurance


Designed to control the brake and accelerator pedal with one hand/Suitable for almost all vehicles with automatic transmission(of course electric cars).All metal: aluminum alloy and stainless steel / Leader of CNC technology / Oxidation process and painting process / Excellent quality management / Detailed and reliable user's manual / Spare parts and other tools included.Pre-assembled/installed on car pedals without tools/The length of the hand control driving devices can be easily adjusted to the most suitable length by using the included Allen wrench (acceleratoe handle up to 34in, brake handle up to 32in).You can choose to install the brake and accelerator device together, or you can install one of them separately / Both left-handed and right-handed people can easily use it



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