Thor Outdoor - Soft Hackle Frenchie Fly Fishing Nymph - 12 Pc Set - Olive and Orange Flash - Bead Head Euro Jig Fly Kit for Trout and Panfish - Hook Size #14


THE SOFT HACKLE FRENCHIE IS ONE OF TOP TROUT FLIES YOU CAN HAVE IN YOUR FLY BOX. (Panfish and other freshwater fish love this fly as well).  It is a variation of the Bead-Head Pheasant Tail Nymph and Emerger Pattern, with a dubbing hot spot.  The combination of the bead and jig hook helps this fly sink deep where fish like to feed.  The jig hook rides up, allowing the fly to bounce along the bottom with less snagging..THE SOFT HACKLE FRENCHIE IS A PROVEN PRODUCER THAT CAN BE FISHED YEAR-ROUND. It is considered an essential trout fly for Euro-style Nymph fishing and can be fished slow, fast, or in still waters.  This proven design imitates a variety of nymphs and emergers..THE SOFT HACKEL FRENCHIE’S BEAD HEAD AND FLASHY HOTSPOT ACT AS A COLOR TRIGGER THAT ENTICES FISH TO STRIKE. The barbless hook allows easier penetration, cleaner hook-ups, and less damage to the fish. It is always a good idea to have plenty of Frenchies on hand in a variety of colors..ORDER NOW AND BUY WITH CONFIDENCE! Includes a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee!.YOUR SET INCLUDES: 12 BH Frenchie Nymph Flies - Hook Size #14



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