Monitor Wipes - Pre-Moistened Electronic Wipes, Surface Cleaning for Computers, Cell Phones, Sunglasses, LCD Screens, Monitor - Quick Drying, Streak-Free, Ammonia-Free - Screen Wipes


Non-abrasive, lint-free, micro-fine tissues dry in seconds, leave no streaks which are safe with all lens coatings except for Retina screen of Mac Pro.Quickly and safely clean plastic, polycarbonate, and glass lenses, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, mirrors, camera and other optic lenses, and LCD screens (such as on smartphones, tablets, and laptops).Easily wipe away smudges, fingerprints, dust, and oil to keep lenses spotless.Provide anti-static protection. Material: Paper.100 pre-moistened computer cleaner, individually wrapped 8” x 5” wipes per box.



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