PETRICOR Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Detector with Photoelectric Sensor, LCD Display, Battery Operated. Home Fire & CO Alarms Detector (Not Hardwired) 2 Packs.


Combined smoke and carbon monoxide alarm detector: Both smoke from fire and excessive carbon monoxide threaten our lives. This product will automatically detect these two harmful substances every 8 seconds. Once the hazard value reaches the level will emit a sound greater than 85DB to remind you to stay away from the danger..High quality sensors: We use high quality photoelectric sensors and electrochemical carbon monoxide sensors. Among them, photoelectric sensing technology is more accurate for visible smoke recognition. It can reduce false alarms during actual use and there is no radiation. Higher safety stability..LCD display and LED indicators: The one-touch detection button provides a real-time display of the current smoke and carbon monoxide levels. the LED indicator flashes every 30 seconds. Green light means normal, yellow light means error and red light means alarm. Very intuitive to see the alarm status..Battery Powered: PETRICOR smoke and carbon monoxide alarms are battery powered (Not Hardwired). It can be installed anywhere you need it: living room, utility room, bedroom, garage, basement, or even in your RV or camping..Quality service: You have any questions about our fire & CO alarms, feel free to contact us. We will solve the problem as soon as possible to make you have a pleasant shopping experience.



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