Large Chicken Waterer Automatic Chicken Water Cups 12PCS Poultry Water Feeder Kit for Chicks Duck Goose Turkey or Bunny (Black Screw Nut)


Automatic Water Dispensing—The automatic chicken waterer provide a constant drinking water to your chick, no bother of daily refills,,can be automatically filled into the bowl according to the amount of water in the bowl, bowls have a constant water supply..The poultry waterer kit suitable for all size poultry include: chicken, ducks, geese, turkey, quail or bunny&rabbits.Easy Installation and Clean— Our chicken automatic waterer is easy to use and can be easily connected to buckets, square tubes, round piles. With the water control valve inside that no clogging in the bowl, making it easier to clean..Strong and Durable Material—Our plastic T-tube water supply cup has 1/8"FTP , made of high-quality ABS material, safe, heat-resistant, low-temperature resistant, chemical-resistant, tough ,Anti-aging..Package includes: 12 chicken waterer, 12 nuts.You can use the 3/8" drill bit to hole in a bucket and push in poultry water drinkers for chickens, screw wingnut tight. If happens to leak, you can check the o-ring whether being seated properly. If not, you can open it and fixed quickly and easily.



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