USA Best Supply Silver Testing Kit with Testing Stone, Silver Testing Acid, 2pc


SILVER TESTING KIT: Easily test the purity of silver with Silver Testing Acid Solution Kit with Testing Stone! The kit includes two, 0.5oz shatterproof plastic squeeze bottles and one testing stone; the testing solutions are potent, effective and will see you through hundreds of future tests!.SILVER TESTING KIT METHOD: This silver testing method is best used on silver that is yet to be smelted, due to the harsh nature of the solution that could potentially damage an already finished item; if testing fine jewelry, sterling silver items or other finished items, be sure to choose an inconspicuous spot so as not to compromise the finished piece.HOW THE SILVER TESTING KIT WORKS: To test silver purity, scratch the item on to test stone leaving visible deposit, then place a small drop of the acid over deposit; the purity of the silver is approximated depending on the color the solution turns when applied to deposit; if solution turns red that indicates high quality silver; if solution turns blue or green the sample may contain brass or copper; if sample deposit dissolves, or solution turns a dark brown, it may be a base metal.Acid Solution made in USA.NOTE: For professional use only; Keep out of reach of children; Exercise extreme caution when opening and using; Proper protective gloves and eyewear are highly recommended; Instruction pamphlet included with purchase



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