Segretto Cookware Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven with Handle, 6 Quarts, Verde Chiaro (Light Green) 6-quarts Stovetop Oven Cast Iron Dutch Oven | Enamel cast Iron Dutch Oven Cookware | Comes with Silicone Pot Holders


LARGE CAPACITY ENAMELED CAST IRON DUTCH OVEN 6 QT. This heavy-duty enamel cast iron cookware is large enough to hold stews, soups, pot roasts, chilis, and more! Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just having a simple family dinner with the Segretto Dutch Oven for Bread Baking, you’ll be sure that there’s enough food for everyone to enjoy. Second helpings are much welcome!.PROTECTED BY THREE LAYERS OF ENAMEL COATING. This cast iron dutch oven has even more protection from rust and iron leeching because the material used is non-reactive. Enjoy a cast iron cookware Dutch oven casserole dish with the whole family..DURABLE AND EVENLY HEATED. The durable, chip-resistant finish on this cast iron enameled Dutch oven ensures that it can handle the heat up to 500°F. Our Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven sports a stainless steel knob that snugly fits and lasts for years, even under everyday use. The Segretto Enameled Cast Iron Cookware is designed to be your partner in the kitchen for years!.SELF-BASTING LID. You won’t have to worry about dry, unevenly cooked food anymore! The spiked lid of this 6-quarts stovetop oven cast iron Dutch oven helps to lock the moisture on your stews, soups, and broths, effectively basting it naturally in the process. With the Segretto Large Enamel Dutch Oven, you can easily enjoy a bowl of your favorite soup or tender braised meat that falls off the bone..CAST IRON DUTCH OVEN WITH HANDLE. This enameled cast iron Dutch oven pot with lid comes with non-slip, heat-resistant silicone pot holders that can withstand temperatures up to 450°F. The potholders are specifically designed to comfortably and safely hold the handles, making our seasoned dutch oven 6 qt easy to transfer from the cooktop to the dining table..ENSURES EVEN HEATING. At the Segretto workshop, all our enameled cast iron crock pot dutch oven cookware undergoes intricate heat tempering and quenching methods and is finished with an even and ample enamel coating, thus ensuring even heat distribution. With our enamel dutch oven roaster, you can cook meals that require precise temperature control!.PERFECTLY FITTED LID. Our enameled 6 quart dutch oven with lid comes with a cover that snuggly fits, ensuring optimal moisture retention, making all your meals much more sumptuous and juicy. No need to worry about steam or flavors leaking out! Our enamel cast iron dutch oven cookware's wide and ergonomic handles also ensure a safe and secure grip to prevent accidents like burning or scalding..VERSATILE COOKING. Our seasoned Dutch oven 6 QT is perfect for simmering, stewing, grilling, frying, braising, roasting, pickling, and heating chilled food. Thanks to our cookware being heat tempered and quenched, they can now retain heat sustainably, ensuring that your meal stays warm even after removing it from fire- making it perfect for outdoor dining and camping..PERFECT DUTCH OVEN WEDDING GIFT. The Segretto Cast Iron Dutch Oven Enameled comes with all the bells and whistles you would ask for from a dutch oven for less! They are a perfect gift, specifically for weddings, as any new family and couple would need to invest in good dutch oven cookware!



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