WDBBYL Elevation Wedge Pillow for Double Legs,Wide U-Shaped Groove Design with Etra Insert Pad,Ankle Knee Support Cushion for Injure,Foot Rest,Edema Reduce,3 Handles,Washable Velour Cover,Deep Gray


LONG-TIME LEG ELEVATION WITHOUT NUMBNESS - Elevate both legs,knees and ankles above the heart to promote blood circulation in the lower limbs,more suitable for long-time bed lying without Leg numbness.Helps with recovery after surgery,relieves of edema and varicose veinf,foot rest..KEEP BOTH LEGS IN PLACE - The wide U-shaped groove design to keep both legs in place,no more warrying about falling and bending while sleeping..EXTRA INSERT PAD PROVIDES EXTRA COMFORT - Three ways of using the insert pad, padding the ankle(Tuck a towel under the pad if you want the ankle to be higher), padding the popliteal fossa for more comfort,and spread two legs apart if needed..COMFORTABLE AND RESILIENT SUPPORT - Made of high-quality memory foam top and high-density foam base to provide not only extreme comfort but firm support and can also be used as a cushion and reading pillow to provide rest and relaxation..WASHABLE AND SOFT VELVET COVER - Made of hypoallergenic soft velvet with non-slip base,u-shaped zipper,and 3 portable handles..Notation: Due to the characteristics of sponges, a few products may not fully rebound after compression, but don't worry, we will mail you new products after verification.



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