RENOTEC Non-Woven Wire Drawing Flap Wheel, 120x100mm, for Stainless Steel, Copper Satin Finishing and Metal Surface Treatment, SCT Conditioning Buffing Drum for Burnishing Polishing Machine (180 Grit)


【Excellent Performance】Cutting & Polishing is a special type of non-woven fabric that combines great cutting edge with a very fine finish, exceptional mechanical resistance at high temperatures, particularly suitable for processing on stainless steel..【Easy to Wire Drawing】Non-woven wheels for manual satin finishing, soft and flexible. To satin and remove oxidations from all metal surfaces..【Highly Efficient】The non-woven wheel is light and does not overheat, does not vibrate, silent and can be used both dry and wet..【Consistent Finishing Quality】It is possible to satin more easily and quickly and to achieve a good result..【Dimensions】Does NOT fit other tool, fit the burnishing polishing machine ONLY. Diameter: 120mm (4.8"); Width: 100mm (4"); Center Hole Thread Size: 19mm (0.74")



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