Open-source Geiger Counter OLED Display Nuclear Radiation Detector Set Marble-tile Tester Iodine 131 Radiation Monitor
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Automatically connects to the Internet and uploads data to the server through WIFI or WIFI hotspot of mobilephone. OLED display, you can see the CPM(counter per minute) value clearly. Using IFTTT sending message and warning. Plug to use, it can directly detecting nuclear radiation after plug in power supplys. Support most Geiger tubes with 330 to 600V operating voltage, such as M4011, STS-5, SBM20, 305, etc. Support computer(upper-computer) data collection, MATLAB analysis and processing, send and collect source code of program. It can be used to detect Y rays of 20m R/h-120m Rh and soft rays of 100-1800 variable/mincm2. Equipped with sound and light alarm function. Interrupt the output interface, through this interface can be connected to the microcontroller and then displayed on the LCD display.



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