Dance, Girl, Dance Dorothy Arzner Director
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Based on a story by Vicki Baum (of Grand Hotel) fame, Dance, Girl, Dance finds innocent young Judy ({|Maureen O'Hara|}) journeying to the Big Apple in hopes of gaining fame as a classical dancer. Instead she ends up as the stooge for raucous strip-tease artist Bubbles ({|Lucille Ball|}), who attempts to perform ballet before leering, catcalling, unappreciative burlesque audiences. There's little love lost between Judy and Bubbles, especially when both girls fall for playboy Jimmy Harris ({|Louis Hayward|}), a rivalry that culminates in a hair-pulling, eye-scratching cat fight. Eventually, Harris's ex-wife (Virginia Field) reels him back in, and Judy is hired by ballet producer and entrepreneur Steve Adams (Ralph Bellamy). In recent years, Dance, Girl, Dance has been canonized as a feminist manifesto, due to the fact that {|Dorothy Arzner|} was the director and because of Maureen O'Hara's climactic burlesque-house speech, in which she lambastes the male spectators for their puerile chauvinism. It should be noted, however, that Arzner became director only after {|Roy Del Ruth|} pulled out of the project. Uncertain how to promote the film, RKO Radio elected to sneak it into its first-run houses without fanfare, and the result was a $400,000 loss for the studio.


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