Op/Tech Gender Changer System Connector, 2 Pack
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Interchangeability goes to a whole new level with System Connectors -Gender Changer. Sometimes photographers may want a configuration that is just a little different. The Op/Tech System Connectors-Gender Changers open up an entirely new set of possibilities so that there are no more limitations in how you want to configure a strap. The Gender Changers come in a set of two which includes one male-to-male and one female-to-female version. One example of how to use these versatile connectors is to transform the Op/Tech Utility Strap- Sling version from the left shoulder to the right. With just a few clicks to add in the System Connectors-Gender Changers? It's a done deal!Photographers and outdoor enthusiasts have no limitations in their imagination so why should their gear be any different? Discover all kinds of new ways to use your gear simply by adding Op/Tech System Connectors-Gender Changers.



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