903373 Sander Belt Ximoon Power Cable Replacement Porter Belt Compatible with DeWalt Sander Belt DWE6423K DWE6421 DCW210 DWE6420 N372461 N430442-6 Pack


Compatible with Models: Cable Sander Belt for 333, 343, 344 5 PSA, 335, 333. Part Number 903373..Fit for : Power Sander Belt for DWE6421 Type 1, DWE6421-B2 Type 1, DWE6421-B3 Type 1, DWE6421-BR Type 1, DWE6421K Type 1, DWE6423K Type 1, DCW210B Type 1, DCW210P1 Type 1, DWE6420 Type 1, DeWalt..High Quality Material: Ximoon 903373 sander belts are made of high quality material, durable replacement..Easy to Install: Remove the 3 screws and pad bracket, using the new power belt to replace the old belt. Put the pad bracket back and install the 3 screws..Package Included: You will get 6 pack Cable Sander Belts. Please mind your model when order. If any issues, please tell us, we are always for you.