Return Of The Gods: The Complete Four Part Series
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In spectacular cinematic style this series of programs will sweep you to the four corners of the spiritual world. Along this journey you will visit the most dramatic sacred sites, explore the world's major faiths, and the global future of religion and of spirituality itself. An enriching cinematic experience. Vol 1: Language Of The Soul / Abraham's Children: This program explores the three great monotheistic religions of the world: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. In each case the esoteric, or outer, manifestation of religious practice, is contrasted with its inner, or esoteric, counterpart. Journey from the peaceful Italian countryside where Christian contemplative orders sing Gregorian chants, to the frenzy of Jewish prayer at the Wailing wall in Jerusalem, to the ecstasy of devotion as Muslims circle the holy Kaba in Mecca. From contemplation, to Kabbalism to Sufism. Discover what links them all. Vol 2: The Mystical Spirit Of The East / Masters & Disciples: This program explores and links some of the great pantheistic spiritual traditions of the world including Hinduism, Buddhism and Shinto. Travel across the vast continent of India, through France and on to Japan.. The viewer is taken on a mystical journey that includes Yogi worshippers of Shiva, the teachings of the 112 year old Swami Shivananda, his holiness the Dali Lama, and the great Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh. The film also reveals the secrets of Tantric Buddhism and the nature of Japanese Shinto. Vol 3: The One & The Many / Pilgrims In A World Of Faith: Follow in the footsteps of tens of millions of devotees in this exploration of the world's greatest pilgrimages. Since remote antiquity pilgrimages have been integral to the world's religions. Seen as the great levelers, pilgrimages bring rich and poor together in a physical voyage which is often symbolic of the soul's transformative journey. From the Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca to the Hindu Kumb Mella, the largest spiritual gathering on the planet. Discover how different religions undertake this timeless act. Vol 4: The Truth Within / Towards A New Utopia: Does New Age Spirituality represent the future direction of religion? From the pagan celebrations of the Burning Man festival in Nevada, to the quiet contemplations of Findhorn in Scotland, this program explores what lies at the heart of some of the most vibrant and influential New Age movements. Contrasting the views of some of its leading exponents such as Marilyn Ferguson and Matthew Fox with the teachings of Buddhism and Krishnamurti. In the modern age, have we finally realized that our cleverness will not save us, but a return to God may.



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