POZA Inflatable Jumbo Triple Slider with 3 Boogie Boards - Luxurious Sparkly Triple Water Slide Toy Ride with Built in Sprinkler Splash, Outdoor Backyard Summer Triple Lane Waterslide Race - 18 Feet


INCLUDED WITH THE PURCHASE OF SLIP WATER SLIDE FOR ADULTS AND KIDS - Includes 1 POZA Inflatable Triple Slider, 3 Boogie Boards, 4 Anchors, hose connector, and repair patches. Lanes in gold, rose gold, and silver colors and bumper filled with sparkly gold confetti make a luxurious inflatable slider. The water slide has built in sprinkler splash and measures 18 feet long. Boogie sliders measure 25x17x4.7 inches. Recommended for ages 6 and up..IDEAL USE FOR THE INFLATABLE WATERSLIDE FOR ADULTS AND KIDS - Enjoy summer days of fun in your backyard or outdoors with Inflatable Splash and slide race game. It's the perfect unique water slide kids outdoor fun game for summer pool parties and birthdays. Use the inflatable slipping slide as a fun pool accessory and game for kids to make every pool party more exciting and memorable. Enjoy for any event sliding & racing down the waterslide..THE INFLATABLE BACKYARD TRIPLE SLIDER COMES WITH UNIQUE DESIGN YOU WILL LOVE - Inflatable Luxurious Pool Water Slide with sparkling gold confetti will make a BIG splash for a summer filled fun. The slippery boogie sliders design makes it a great summer accessory for your next pool party and backyard splash event. Designed with luxury sparkly modern colors and bumber filled with gold confetti make it the coolest water slide for kids and adults..HIGH-QUALITY WATER SLIDER FOR KIDS AND ADULTS - The Luxury Inflatable Triple Slider and boogie boards are made of heavy-duty premium thick PVC vinyl materials resistent for outdoor use. Crafted with UV and tear resistance to protect the slide and boogies from color fading or cracking. Use the fun water slide in various fun outdoor events. Use electric air pump to easily inflate or deflate. Connect water hose with 30-50psi..THE WATER TRIPLE SLIDER IS FOR EVERYONE WHO LOVES OUTDOOR WATER GAMES - Looking for backyard fun wet splash birthday games, outdoor fashion photoshoot, or enjoy a summer hot day? The triple water slider is the one addition to your summer wish list you cannot do without. Cool backyard inflatable slider filled with sparkling confetti makes a magical time under the sun. Perfect summer pool gift to make a splash kids would love all summer long.



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