UBPET Pro Automatic, Self-Cleaning Litter Box with App & Camera for Multiple Cats

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Say hello to the UBPET Self-cleaning cat litter box, a revolutionary way to monitor your cat's litter box. You can say goodbye to scooping as the UBPET automatic litter box can be cleaned with a button on the device, through the UPET app, or by setting it to automatically clean after each use. Real-time data keeps you up to date on your cat's bathroom activity. Up to 6 cats can be tracked and recognized by weight. You can also monitor your cats at any time with the live feed from the internal camera. Your cat's safety is put first with the integrated safety features. Multiple sensors pause all operations if weight or motion is sensed nearby. Regardless, the anti-pinch design features a drum that rotates in one piece making it impossible for cats to get stuck inside. Keeping the litter box clean and odor-free is easy with the UBPET self-cleaning litter box. Any type of litter can be used as long as it flows easily through the holes in the grate. However, clumping litter is recommended for best results. The enclosed waste bin features a lid that stays closed to reduce odors. Once the waste bin is full, simply remove the standard 2-gallon trash bag, not included. When it's time to replace the litter, all of the litter can be emptied into the waste bin with the press of a button. The drum can then be removed from the base and washed for a full cleaning. You will never have to worry about the litter box again with the UBPET Self-cleaning cat litter box. *Recommended for cats up to 15 pounds and of average size and length*.



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