PROGRESSIVE AUTOMATIONS 12V Linear Electric Actuator - (12 inch, 600 lbs.) Low-Current Rating DC Motor & Durable Stroke. for Automotive, Industrial, Machinery, Home, Robotics Usage. PA-03-12-600


For automotive. Our car PA 12 volt actuators are internally lubricated and do not require fluids or maintenance, making them leak free. This makes them less expensive and more reliable in the long term..Industrial & machinery – possibility to handle large amounts of force for those many applications in the industrial industry. No risk of leaking oils fluids and will eliminate upkeep. Designed to be vibration resistant. Able to fit in almost any industrial machine or piece of automated machinery. Use it together with BRK-02 and BRK-01 mounting brackets (sold separately).Equiped with a brushed dc motor, stunning operational conditions (-25ºc to +65ºc) / (-14°f to 149), also low-noise - db<45(a). Duty cycle of 20%. easy to install and integrate into: arduino, control boxes or any other microcontroller kits.Tested prior shipment. To ensure you achieve consistent levels of positioning accuracy, superior quality and outstanding performance for a long time..Superb quality guaranteed. This actuator are quiet, clean, non-toxic and energy efficient. Our products can also be designed to suit your requirements and our support team of engineers are skilled to help you with your product integration.