Beard Butler - Refreshing Beard Spray and Beard Moisturizer for Men | Beard Hydration and Nourishment Spray | Best for Use in 2-in-1 Grooming Tool - 2.75 ml Bottles, 10 Pack (scent: Cool Tundra - Rose + Mint Water)


BEARD CONDITIONER SPRAY AND MOISTURIZER (Alcohol Free): Healthy beards need moisture to soften, thicken and to encourage new beard growth. Our water-based (non-greasy) formula is alcohol free and provides moisture and hydration to prevent beard itch, dryness, and damage..LIGHT AND REFRESHING - COOL TUNDRA. Rose and Mint Water = Perfection. Let's face it. The hair on your beard (or head), absorbs the surrounding air. Have you ever smelled the smoke in your hair after a campfire or bar? Not quite the aphrodisiac you were going for. Don't fret, the Beard Butler, 2-in-1 Beard Grooming Tool is ready to hydrate and fumigate your beard. Now, bring on cuddle time!.POCKET-SIZED CONVENIENCE: Discreet and Portable Beard Spray. When were out and about and our breathe is getting a little 'unsavory', we opt for a piece of chewing gum. Well, the same holds true when we need to freshen up our beards. We deisgned our 2-in-1 grooming tool and beard sprays to be compact and discreet. Making it the perfect size to give you the trust and confidence, so your beard stays fresh all day and night..LIGHT + REFRESHING SCENTS: Some people chew the same brand of gum their whole life, whereas others get bored and prefer to switch it up every so often. Whether you're the former, looking for their favorite scent, or the latter, exploring what they could be missing, consider trying our all our refreshing scents. Including: DEEP WOODS (Tea Tree + Peppermint), COOL TUNDRA (Rose + Mint Water), LUNAR WOLF (Witch Hazel + Citrus).



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