Flanged Sleeve Bearings 3mmx4mmx5mm POM Wrapped Oilless Bushings Black


Description: Bearing sleeves are also known as plain bearings or bushings. They are primarily used to guide or reduce friction in linear applications. Made of POM material, which is self-lubricating and does not require oiling.They have good load capacity and wear resistance. They provide reinforced housings for shafts or fasteners. They also help reduce bore size or replace worn original bushings. They are suitable for applications with rotary motion and self-lubricating properties for material lubrication. Bearing sleeves are used in a variety of industrial equipment such as electrical equipment, household equipment, printing presses and machine tools. Specification: Material: POM Bore Diameter: 3mm Outside Diameter: 4mm Length: 5mm Flange Diameter: 7.5mm Flange Thickness: 0.7mm Package Contents: 1 x Sleeve Bearing


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