ATERET Oil Mat I Extra Strength Sorbent Lightweight Dimpled Bonded Absorbent Pad I 16" x 18" I 200 Universal Absorbing Pads I Grey (3 Pack)


GREAT VALUE: Our product is competitively priced for light-duty tasks, making it a cost-effective choice. Don't be fooled by the affordability; it's built tough to handle daily use without compromising on performance. Experience durability and reliability without breaking the bank..DIMPLE BONDED: Our product boasts enhanced strength, achieved through advanced dimple bonding technology. This innovative bonding process ensures superior performance, providing you with a durable and reliable solution for your needs..CENTER PERFED: Our product is designed with center perforation, allowing you to customize the fit as per your requirements. This unique feature ensures a snug and personalized fit, providing maximum comfort and performance during use..HIGHLY ABSORBENT: These absorbent pads can absorb oil, water, solvents, coolants, and other liquids. They are highly absorbent, keeping your floor surface clean and dry..CONVENIENT PACKAGING: These pads come packaged in a sealed poly bag, providing easy portability and storage. The bag is designed with a carry handle for added convenience, making it easy to transport the pads to where you need them. This packaging also provides a clean-looking bale, making it easy to store and keep your workspaces tidy. Each bag comes with 200 oil pads and available in pack sizes of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 for maximum value and easy storage.



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