Music composed by Gene De Paul. Lyrics written by Johnny Mercer. Principal cast includes: Peter Palmer (Lil' Abner); Edie Adams (Daisy Mae); Stubby Kaye (Marryin' Sam); Charlotte Rae (Mammy Yokum); Howard St. John (General Bullmoose); Julie Newmar (Stupefyin' Jones); Tina Louise (Appasionata Von Climax). Recorded at Columbia 30th St. Studios, New York, New York on November 18, 1956. Originally released on Columbia (5150). Includes liner notes by Ken Mandelbaum and Didier C. Deutsch. All tracks have been digitally remastered.
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Broadway Cast - Li'L Abner (CD NEW) Label: Sony Format: CD Release Date: 28 May 2002 No. of Discs: 1 UPC: 696998770027 Album Tracks 1. Overture 2. It's A Typical Day 3. If I Had My Druthers 4. Jubilation T. Cornpone 5. Rag Offen The Bush 6. Namely You 7. Unnecessary Town 8. What's Good For General Bullmoose 9. The Country's In The Very Best Hands 10. Sadie Hawkins Day Ballet 11. Oh, Happy Day 12. I'm Past My Prime 13. Love In A Home 14. Progress Is The Root Of All Evil 15. Put 'Em Back 16. The Matrimonial Stomp 17. There's Room Enough For Us (bonus track) 18. The Way To A Man's Heart (bonus track) 19. It's A Nuisance Having You Around (bonus track) 20. Overture (bonus track)



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