AKOLAFE 4 Pack 500ml Plastic Graduated Cylinder, Transparent Measuring Cylinder Set, Science Measuring Test Tube Flask with 2-Sided Making & Pour Spout, for Science Projects, Laboratory Supplies


FOOD-GRADE MATERIAL: Graduated cylinder 500ml is made of hiGh quality polypropylene plastic that features hiGh heat tolerance, and Good to excellent chemical resistance, also easy to clean and sterilization.2-SIDED MEASURING MARKING: Graduated measurinG cylinder with painted blue markinG on one side and raised plastic lines on other side, ensurinG easy identification and accurate liquid measurement.TAPERED POUR SPOUT: Graduated cylinder beaker is desiGned with a tapered pour spout, makes the liquid in the measurinG cylinder easier to fill and pour.STABILITY AND STURDY: Plastic measurinG cylinders are based on a hexaGonal to provide maximum stability and also prevent them from rollinG around when the plastic cylinders fallinG down.WIDE APPLICATION: Plastic measurinG cylinder set are perfect for professional laboratory test, science projects and household use; Ideal for school, home, labs, hospitals and more.Number of items: 4



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