One:12 Collective Marvel's Logan Wolverine Action Figure
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Watch it, BubYou don't want to mess with this guy. He's got a mean attitude, a cold shoulder, and those mutton-chops mean business. Of course, that's part of the reason we love Logan. Logan, aka Wolverine, is a bit of a tough guy to get along with, but trust us when we say you totally want to be on his side in a fight. I think you all know what we mean (what with the claws and the healing factor). He may be a bit prickly around the outside, but we adore the dude. And what better way to show your adoration for one of the coolest X-Men than with this Marvel's One: Collective Logan Wolverine Action Figure. Fully posable and hand-painted, this 6-inch action figure comes with accessories and exchangeable hands. It'll be like having your own little angry rage hero on your shelf! Just don't call him cute. He hates that. 


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