Lorex 4K UHD 16-Ch 3TB NVR Security System with 12x E841CA 4K IP Bullet Cameras
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Featuring industry-leading 4K (8 megapixel) resolution recording, this security camera system from Lorex will bring a whole new level of detail to your monitoring. It includes a 16-channel Network Video Recorder (NVR) and 4K IP bullet security cameras. Whether you are looking to protect your home or small business, this powerful security camera system will help you secure the things that matter most.• 16 Channels 4K NVR can support up to 16 cameras• 4K Resolution 4 x the resolution of HD 1080p• 130' Night Vision Maximum night vision range• 3TB Hard Drive Expandable up 2 x 8TB Experience the promise of 4K surveillance Thanks to the camera's powerful 8MP image sensor, you'll experience the difference that 4K resolution makes when it comes to your security. 4K means there are more than 8 million pixels, and that results in sharper video, realistic color representation and superior digital zoom capabilities. Superior nighttime clarity with Color Night Vision This camera features our revolutionary Color Night Vision (CNV) technology, which will produce full-color video with the help of external lighting around the camera. In regular nighttime conditions that are too dark for CNV to render full-color images, this camera will use it's infrared LEDs to record crisp black and white video footage up to 130ft (40m) away and up to 90ft (27m) in complete darkness. High Dynamic Range (HDR) HDR improves video clarity in high-contrast lighting, revealing details in extremely bright and dark areas of the image. High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) HEVC compresses video file sizes without any noticeable difference in quality, which will save you lots of hard drive space. Full Metal Exteriors Heavy-duty aluminum exteriors add extra protection against vandalism and the elements, extending the life-cycle of the cameras. Easy PoE Installation IP cameras only need a single Cat5e ethernet cable to connect it to a compatible NVR for video, power and a stable network connection. Weatherproof security camera Mother Nature is no match for this security camera. Rated IP67, it can endure anything from torrential downpours to freezing snowstorms. So go ahead and place this security camera where you need it most.• 140 Degree F (60 Degree C) Heat Rating• -22 Degree F (-30 Degree C) Cold Rating• IP67 Water Rating Remote viewing from your mobile with Lorex Home This NVR is designed for use with our innovative Lorex Home app. Using this app, you can quickly view your security system remotely and control camera features from your smartphone. The app will also send you motion-activated push notifications straight to your phone to keep you connected to your property at all times.• Works With: • Apple iPhone• Apple iPad• Android Phone• Android Tablet• Apple TV Smart home compatibility Get faster access to your security system by connecting it to your other Smart Home devices. Use simple voice commands to activate camera features with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Use it with Chromecast or Firestick to monitor your security camera footage on a larger screen. Or download the Lorex Home app on your Apple TV to view live video in single or multiple feeds. For more information about current smart home integrations, visit our Smart Home Guide. Note: Requires Gen 4 or newer Apple TV with support for App Store Panic button Stop events before they happen. An easy-to-use panic button located on the front of the recorder will activate all lights and sirens on your compatible Active Deterrence cameras to deter potential intruders. Reliable security grade hard drive with no hidden storage fees Included in the NVR is a built-in security-grade hard drive that has been designed to meet the demands of 24/7 surveillance recording. With the possibility of increasing storage space up to 8TB, there is more than enough room to safely store all motion events that only you can access. Two storage bays This NVR comes with two separate hard drive bays. Each of which can be upgraded with a hard drive up to 8TB, giving you the potential for a total of 16TB's of storage space. You can also use the second hard drive to record videos in parallel with the primary hard drive. This way, the footage is automatically backed up if the recording hard drive fails. Regional Motion Zones The NVR can program specific motion zones for heightened sensitivity (the amount of motion needed to register that movement) and threshold (how much motion is needed before creating a motion "event"). Privacy Masking In the event that the camera is facing areas that you do not want recorded, simply activate the privacy masking option. Use the NVR to draw a square around the spot(s) you don't want the camera to record. Easy Area Search Find what you are looking for quickly with Lorex's Area Search. Using the NVR, select an area of interest to automatically playback any video footage showing scene changes in that area.



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