Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Enterprise - 2 Core Download License
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Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Enterprise *Microsoft Software Licensing terms require a minimum of 4 cores to be licensed with the core model* Microsoft SQL Server has been one of the premier leaders in database technology for years. The 2019 edition picks up right where it's predecessor left off. New to SQL Licensing? Check out our SQL Server licensing guide to find out the features that would benefit you and how license. For enterprises that want to the get the most out of their data, Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Enterprise is an excellent choice. A step up from the Standard edition, SQL Server 2019 Enterprise features end-to-end business intelligence, unlimited virtualization, blazing-fast performance and a host of high-end datacenter capabilities. Download this two-core version of the fully-featured Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Enterprise with free installation from a Microsoft Silver Partner here at Trusted Tech Team. (Note that Microsoft software licensing terms require a minimum of four cores to be licensed with the core model.) Look below to find out features and improvements that come with Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard: Big Data clusters with Apache Spark and HDFS Data virtualization to integrate external data sources Azure Machine Learning and Spark ML Support for Kubernetes deployment Free supported Java Native UTF-8 support Intelligent Query processing In-Memory Database: Persistent Memory support Accelerated database recovery Free DR to Azure Always Encrypted with secure enclaves Data classification & auditing Vulnerability assessment Notebook support for T-SQL, Python, R, and Scala in Azure Data Studio SQL Server Analysis Services Direct Query (For a full data sheet of comparable features, see Microsoft's data sheet)


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