‎Hot Shot's Secret Gasoline Extreme – Concentrated One Tank Cleaner – Synthetic Formula – Fuel System Cleaner – Lubricates Engine Components – Increases Fuel Economy, Orange, 12.00 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)


Cleans Fuel System – Deeply cleans, lubricates, and protects any gasoline fuel system and engine including valves, pumps, injectors, rings, pistons, and upper cylinders.Increases Fuel Economy – Boosts MPG by up to 7.9% after the fuel system is fully cleaned by providing an effective boost in combustion, fuel economy, and engine power.Restores Performance – Acts as an engine flush to restore engine power while also working to dissolve gum and varnish, and remove combustion chamber deposits.Fixes Issues – Resolves several symptoms of a rough-running engines in one treatment, including poor fuel economy, rough idling, clogged fuel injectors, and loss of engine power



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