Anabar Protein Bar, Whole Food Performance Bar, Amazing Tasting Protein Bar, Real Food, No Fillers, 21 Grams of Protein (12 Bars, Strawberry Cupcake)


12 STRAWBERRY COVERED PROTEIN-PACKED BARS PER BOX..KID-APPROVED TASTE & TEXTURE: When your Protein Bar tastes like a Candy Bar then every “Snack” feels like Dessert! Traditional Protein Bars may “look” the part, but lack in the flavor department. Toss an Anabar in a lunch box or bookbag & you can be confident your student is getting in 21g of Protein while savoring every single bite!.100% AUTHENTIC STRAWBERRY COATED: We believe in REAL INGREDIENTS at Anabar & when it comes to our Strawberry Coating we make no exceptions..21 GRAMS PROTEIN IN EVERY BAR: Anabar contains as much Protein as 4 Ounces of Chicken Breast & as much delicious flavor as your favorite candy Bar! Getting enough Protein to support Muscle Growth has never been this delicious or convenient!.EASY ON THE STOMACH: We don’t sweeten Anabars with Sugar Alcohols or Strange Fibers. Instead, we take a more natural approach & use Real Honey to create the sweet taste that everyone loves! This way you get even more FLAVOR & spend less time with a stomach ache or indigestion!.THE PERFECT SNACK OR MEAL REPLACEMENT: Whether you have a busy day & don’t have time to order food OR you’re looking for a quick High Protein Snack that you can stuff in your bag, Anabar is here to help! Each bar is coated in Chocolate & filled with your favorite guilty pleasure foods! Snack Time has never tasted this good!



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