MySpool Water Level Alert with Text Message and Email Notifications, battery powered with a float sensor


Email and text message notification when water level change is detected. All services are free..Battery powered wireless water level detector using your WiFi, no app to install and no hub is required. Perfect as a standalone high or low water alarm. Mounting bracket is included..Waterproof float sensor with a 3 ft wire connected to a rugged enclosure protecting smart electronics. This float sensor can be used to detect high or low water levels, the default setting detects high water levels. Flip the float ring and use this device to detect low water levels in aquariums, ponds, and storage tanks..Alert is sent if the float rises to signal high water level. Flip the float ring to send alert when water level falls. 3 AAA batteries are included. Batteries are good for 500 alerts or more. Remaining battery charge information is included with every message sent. Batteries are not used at all unless your device is sending an alert. They are shipped with an estimated shelf life of at least 7 years..Rugged enclosure supports up to 250 lbs, designed to operate in dusty and moldy environments. Avoid costly repairs by keeping MySpool Water Detector anywhere that has the potential for flooding or developing a leak.