SunGrow Anti Scratching Mesh for Cat Litter Box, Prevent Cat from Excessive Digging Noise, Hen Nesting Box Mesh, Stop Chicken Kick Straw Bedding, Protect Egg Crack, Rabbit Bumble Foot from Wire Cage


Moss Bed for Reptile Bedding, Shedding, and Humidity --- Moss plant, particularly sphagnum moss plant has the ability to absorb 20 times more water than other varieties. They are perfect for the gecko, snake, and frog enclosures. You keep the moss wet and the moisture gets absorbed through their skin and they can shed really well..Retain Moisture In Hermit Crab Tank --- When you have a live moss in a crabitat, they love exploring and hiding under their sheet of moss bedding. It not only beautifies their tank and retains moisture, but it also serves as a snack. Our kit comes with all the necessary products required to set up the beautiful moss carpet or backdrop. You are only required to purchase the moss plant. Rest we’ve got you covered..Low Maintenance Decoration --- Once set up and installed into your aquarium, the SunGrow Aquatic Moss Wall Mesh Kit requires little additional maintenance. The moss will grow on its own through the holes in the mesh wall and may need to be trimmed if it gets too overgrown..Two Durable Plastic Mesh Pieces --- Two smooth 12” x 8” (30cm x 20cm) plastic pieces of mesh can be sandwiched together with aquatic moss between them to create a stunning moss wall. Each mesh piece has ¼” (0.65cm) big holes for the rich green moss to grow through. .Easily and Securely Attaches With Suction Cups --- Your luscious moss wall adheres to the glass of the fish tank using commonly used suction cups. For securely holding your moss wall or carpet, ensure that you have clean the glass before placing suction cups. These included adaptable fasteners are easy to attach and remove, making it very simple to relocate the moss wall.



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