Plochman's Mustard Mixers Roasted Garlic Seasoning, Condiment Enhancer, 6.0 Ounce Shaker, 3-Pack
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Flavor Enhancer: This seasoning is a trio of blended flavors, including roasted garlic, onion, and green bell pepper, for a rich, savory flavor with just a touch of spice. How To: Make the most of your original yellow mustard and add as little or as much of our Mustard Mixers as you like to give it a hint or a bold burst of flavor, allowing you to customize your condiment to whatever you add it to. Unique Uses: While you can use all of our mustards in the traditional sense, you can also use them as a marinade, finishing sauce, salad dressing, or even to glaze complementary meats or poultry. Make it with Mustard: After adding our Mixers, glaze chicken before grilling and serve with a fresh chili sauce. Add to infused olive oil, fruit preserves, and an aged balsamic for a homemade dressing, or simply spread it on your favorite sandwich. Ultimate Extra: Not only are our Mustard Mixers perfect to add to mustard, but also to mayo, ketchup, or any other dips and sauces. They make a great seasoning for meats and poultry, or even in chili for extra zing.



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