New EinScan Pro HD 3D Scanner with Turntable, Tripod, Color Pack, 0.2mm Resolution, 0.04mm Accuracy- Ultimate for Reverse Engineering, 3D Modeling, Art, Design, Manufacturing, Healthcare


Ultimate Multi-functional Einscan Pro HD full pack for scanning with texture color from small (1 inch) to big (10 ft) objects.Impressive high resolution for fine details: It brings high resolution and accuracy in handheld HD scanning with 0.2mm minimum point distance. Easy to catch fine details without markers.Able to scan HD mode with color texture with texture alignment. Gets the full-color texture with geometry. Greatly enhance the scanning efficiency without additional preparation.High Accuracy for High Quality 3D Modeling: It delivers accuracy up to 0.04 mm in Fixed Scan Mode. Professional grade ExScan Pro software for 3D scanning and data processing with a collection of both scan and mesh editing tools for generating high-quality 3D models.Package includes a Pro HD handheld scanner, a Turntable, a Tripod, a Color camera and a blue Aesub spray. Proudly sold and shipped by UMAX



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