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"This Pet Dreams Dog Crate Bumper provides the ultimate in protection for a comfortable crate. We spent years improving previous models to provide you the best crate bumpers yet! If you have a 1st/2nd generation crate bumper take this opportunity to upgrade now! Listen to this review of a Crate without a Crate Bumper: ""After my puppy got her paw stuck in the kennel bars and woke me up screaming I knew I needed to find a way to make her kennel safer. Not only does it keep her from accidentally getting caught in the bars, it looks great and is well made." Set up and maintenance is a breeze. Easily secure your dog crate padding bumper to your crate with Velcro for a perfect fit. It is padded with 1-inch thick, high density fiber to keep the crate bumpers in place without sliding down. We use high quality, high density bonded fiber that is fully machine washable and provides the comfort and protection your pup needs when they lay down against the hard wire dog kennel bars. Our innovative vertical stitching allows the crate bumper to pop into corners to fit both front and side door crates. A new crate doesn't have to mean new dog crate bumpers! Just rearrange and reattach depending on the orientation of your crate. Crate not included. If crate safety is paramount to you, our dog crate bumper pads line the entire inside of the crate to comfort and protect your furry baby. Our dog crate bedding is tall enough to protect collars, paws, and wagging tails. You can even use in your car. A dog kennel bumper protects against the hot metal bars and any unexpected wild turns for a safe and comfortable crate. Features: 9 pieces of Velcro to attach securely to the crate Padded with high-density fiber Vertical stitching allows the bumper to pop into place for easy set-up Universal fit for front or side door access Includes: 1 Crate Bumper Intended Pet(s): Dog, Cat, Small Pet Material(s): Luxe Velour, High Density Fiber, Velcro Color: Pink Blush Care Instructions: Machine wash. Machine dry. Available Sizes and Dimensions: X-Small: 48 in x 1 in x 7 in; Weight: 0.55Small: 66 in x 1 in x 10 in; Weight: 0.99Medium: 79 in x 1 in x 12 in: Weight: 1.32 Large: 95 in x 1 in x 13 in; Weight: 1.76Extra-Large: 114 in x 1 in x 13.5 in; Weight: 2.31XX-Large: 127 in x 1 in x 13.5 in: Weight: 2.65 Pet Dreams Dog Crate Bumper in Pink Blush, Size: Small | PetSmart"



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