A Hero's Welcome (DVD)(2019)
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A documentary trilogy honoring the extraordinary sacrifices of America?s greatest heroes! Never Surrender is a story of sacrifice, survival, heroism, and reconciliation. Lt. Edwin P. Ramsey led an offensive in the Philippine jungle that made history as the last mounted horse cavalry charge in U.S. military history. Refusing to surrender, he joined the Filipino resistance and commanded 40,000 guerilla warriors. Narrated by Josh Brolin Return to Tarawa depicts a WWII veteran, Leon Cooper, as he returns to the Tarawa battle site after learning that many of his countrymen, who died in the battle, still lie where they fell sixty-six years later. Narrated by Ed Harris Until They Are Home focuses on the search for the remains of U.S. Marines who were killed in the legendary South Pacific World War II Battle of Tarawa, where over 6,000 men were killed in 72 hours. Narrated by Kelsey Grammer



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