Raising Genius / See This Movie Double Feature


RAISING GENIUS This critically acclaimed film festival hit stars the always watchable Wendie Malick (of JUST SHOOT ME) as Nancy, a proud, perfectionist housewife and the mother of high school valedictorian Hal (Justin Long of DODGEBALL and TV ED). Nancy can't wait for all the attention and congratulations she'll receive when Hal gets this honor--but unfortunately, Hal has been locked in a bathroom for months, trying to solve math equations and obsessing over the beautiful girl next door (Danica McKellar). Full of quirky, fleshed out characters, the movie earned comparisons to the offbeat comedy of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE. SEE THIS MOVIE SNL comedian Seth Meyers takes center stage as one part of an aspiring filmmaker team in SEE THIS MOVIE, a comedy from director David M. Rosenthal. With little experience or knowledge of the film business to their credit, Jake Barrymore (Meyers) and pal Larry Finkelstein (John Cho) devise a plan to sneak their way into the Montreal World Film Festival. But in order to schmooze with Hollywood's finest, the two supposed filmmakers will have to come up with a film. With only days until the screening, and with no money, actors, or script, the pair has a lot of work cut out for them.



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