Mouse Trap - Humane Mouse Trap - Bucket Mouse Traps - 5 Gallon Bucket Compatible Trap with Multi Purpose - Flip and Slide Bucket Lid Mouse Trap - Multi Catch and Auto Reset Mouse Trap - Rat Trap


AUTO RESET MECHANIC: This Mouse Trap can reset itself automatically unlike the other old style mouse traps. This way it is possible to catch multiple mice or rats without reinstalling or setting the trap again. Without emptying the bucket you can catch up to 10 mice according to their size and eliminate all pests. Just install it once and wait, you will see the difference with the old type trap compared to our model..DOES NOT KILL THE ANIMAL: Our Mouse Trap is designed to capture the pest, not hurt or kill it. Without any physical harm, our bucket mouse trap can remove all pests from your home, garage or garden..SAFETY AND NO HARM: Our bucket mouse trap is safe as is it made of PVC material and it is not difficult to set up unlike an old-type mouse trap. The old-type trap is pretty dangerous especially for small children or your pets and puppies. The setup is really easy. You only need to set it once and you can start catching rats and mice without ever reinstalling it again. The Gloves inside the package can be used to empty the bucket, but can come in handy for other garden work too. No glue required..WHERE TO USE: Our mouse trap can be used everywhere the pest finds its way. You can use it indoor, outdoor, warehouses, garages, patios and lawns. With this easy bucket mouse trap, you can easily catch every rat and mouse which were giving you a hard time. The best and safest way to put a mouse trap indoors for home..QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of quality odorless PVC material, this mouse trap is produced to fit your 5 gallon bucket perfectly with its comfortable design. The set comes in different pieces. It is extremely easy to install. The set does not include the 5 gallon bucket so you have to supply it for yourself. Just put the pieces together and put it on a 5 gallon bucket and the trap is ready.



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