Royal Seafood USA Natural Sea Coconut & Pear Sweet Soup Mix, 2-3 serving,海底椰雪梨片无花果清热润肺汤包 2-3人份


A combination of sea coconut, figs, Dried lily, bamboo, dried snow pear and red dates soup Mix海底椰、无花果、龙牙百合、玉竹、雪梨干、红枣 汤水包.Clear heat and moisten the lung, nourish Yin and skin, clear the liver and eyes, nourish the stomach 清热润肺,滋阴养颜,清肝明目,养胃生津.Cooking method: put it in a pot with water and simmer for 30 minutes炖煮方法:放入壶中加水炖煮30分钟即可.It is suitable for those who stay up late and suffer from the heat, dry throat and mouth, dry skin and cough and sore throat. It is a healthy soup for all seasons of the year, suitable for All age!适用于熬夜上火,咽干口燥,皮肤干燥 咳嗽喉痛者。是一年四季都适合常备的养生汤水,老少皆宜!.size:2-3 seving



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